Laser Cutting

My idea was to make a cage where a bottle of beer can stay in. This is a key part of the machine I maybe want to build later. So I googled for the measures of a bottle of beer and wanted to create a basic body where it would fit in.

In LibreCAD I mostly used the clone and move tool to dupblicate all the nodges I needed. This was quite an exhausting job because everything had to precise on the millimeter for later assembling.

Then I brought my finished sketch to Fusion 360 just like last week and extruded bodys from it with a height om 3mm, because thats the thickness of the wood I wanted to use later.

The rest of the job with assembling the parts using the move tool was similar to that of the last assignment. When everything was right and I didnt fail any nodge it was time to go back to LibreCAD. Here I duplicated the parts to the number I needed them to. So one bottom part and 4 side parts. Also I added an engraving on the front.

The next step was actually using the lasercutter. So I opened it on the laptop next to the small lasercutter. The program took many measures you just know approximatly beforehand. So together with the other students we figured out the peferct values for 3mm mdf wood which were:

Power Speed Frequency Focus
90 30 50 0

for cutting and

Power Speed Focus
60 30 0

for engraving.

After everything was lasered I assembled the result and checked if I used the correct measures. Everything was okay. But the result was a little fragile because I did not factor in the kerf when designing and it turned out to be to big.

The final test was if the bottle of beer would actually fit in, and that was the case.