Output Devices

For the output device I chose an 8x8 RGB matrix. The inputs were labelled on the controller. I connected MOSI to pin 5, SCK to pin 7 and CS to pin 4.

For the powersupply my board wasn't enough. So I used an external one. I connected the VCC and GND to this. Additonally I connected the GND to the one of the board.

First I declared some colors. For that I needed 8bit-colors in hex format. For this I used two webpages to convert everything.

Convert RGB to 8Bit-color

Convert Binary to Hexadecimal

As base program I copied an example from the internet. I simplified that and started testing. The testing showed that the first light on the matrix was the last entry of the array. When I knew that I started creating my image. The goal was this:

The 8-bit format of the color greatly reduced the amount of colors I could use. Here are all colors available:

The matrix I created looked like this. There you can see that the last color is actually the first one. When you compare it to the image above you can see that everything fits.

Then I uploaded the script to the board and had my result. The image was mirrored and you couldn't see it very good. This was because the big black borders around each color and the room being very bright. Also its hard to see on the final image because making photos of leds is not the best.

Because it was hard to see the pikachu I added an alien, which is much easier to identify