Project Management

First I started with a basic layout using Bootstrap. This consisted of a headline, a navigation bar and a first entry for week number one.

The navbar was made with an unordered list and contained two tabs. The first one for the documentation toggles a dropdown that later contains all Weeks. So you can directly jump to the desired week. The second tab is linked to the about page.

The next step was adding the profile page. I had my girlfriend choose a picture of me and then added some basic information to that.

I used the following css styles in the style tag at the top of the document.

After coding the content and writing the first entries it was time to publish everything to gitlab. So I set up a project and cloned it to my computer.

Then I copied my pages into the created folder and added them to my commit. After that I commited and finally pushed them into my master branch.

After publishing the changes I added an file called .gitlab-ci.yml. If this file exits in the repository it automatically gets started by GitLab. With the following lines of code it launches a Website. Additionally I named my project to my name.

At about week five I recognized that keeping all assignments on one single site is a very bad idea. The page would be very unorganized and hard to follow and also would take very long to load. So I took the opportunity and redesigned the page using more colors and decentralising every assignment to its own html.

The index page after that became a landing page where you could navigate between all the assignments and the about page. Also I organized the folder structure of the git project so it would be easier to add more weeks without loosing the overview.